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Dishing the dirt, delectably

“Michele gave a talk to our hort group the likes of which they’d never heard. It was out of the box, but still, somehow, on point. Her broad perspective encompassed everything from cutting edge science, to history and sociology--all presented in any easy-to-digest, entertaining manner. She also kicked off one of the best spontaneous post-lecture discussions our group of several hundred has had in recent memory. We look forward to having her back some time.”

Steve Silk, President, Connecticut Horticultural Society


  • Why Don’t Americans Garden? A cultural tour of the backyard vegetable garden that considers why most Americans gave up growing food after World War II. . . and why it makes infinite sense for us to garden again today.

  • The Soil: Why Dirt Isn’t Dirty. In America, home to the cleanest people on earth, only the gardeners know how beautiful good soil is.  I'll talk about what our national obsession with dirt avoidance is costing us in terms of health and happiness--and what the science suggests for building beautiful soil in our gardens.

  • Better Returns Than Goldman Sachs.  I’ll talk about the ridiculously favorable economics of vegetable gardening and ways to be efficient with time, money, and labor.



       Class of 1945 Lecture, Cornell Plantations